Module 4

Understanding of animal management and control

Module 4: Animal Management and Control

This module will introduce you to permanent and portable agricultural electric fencing. This includes agri posts, fence wire, ropes, tapes and all fence accessories as well as Agri energizers (mains, battery and or solar powered)


  • You will be able to identify Nemtek energizers and their specifications
  • Interpret the installer and user manuals
  • Programme an energizer
  • Connect both high and low voltage cables to the energizer
  • Test and determine faults on an energizer and if necessary repair the energizer.


We are proud to be associated with the Nemtek training team and highly recommend this to all clients, end-users and installers. Converting technical data into useful management information is at the heart of our business and the training does exactly that!
Matthew KrinskyDevtron

Training Modules

Module 1

Installation of an Electric fence – Hardware and Introduction to Security energizers

Module 2

Energizers and programming

Module 3

In-depth knowledge of electric fencing and networking

Module 4

Understanding of animal management and control

Certificate of Compliance

Electric Fencing