Module 3

In-depth knowledge of electric fencing and networking

Multi-zone and networking systems

This module will introduce you to the Multi- zone systems, networkable energizers and programming thereof. The different forms of communication, Druid network IO cards together with the Druid controller and software used for PC computer interaction.


  • You will be able to offer various types of multi zone network system solutions
  • Identify the correct product and calculate costs
  • Configure a network (star or daisy chain)
  • Identify the different forms of communication RS485, Fibre, Ethernet or wireless.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professional manor in which you not only supply us with stock and material of the highest quality, but also for the manor in which your technical and training staff support your product.
Martin SmoldersShockoloza Electrified Fencing

Training Modules

Module 1

Installation of an Electric fence – Hardware and Introduction to Security energizers

Module 2

Energizers and programming

Module 3

In-depth knowledge of electric fencing and networking

Module 4

Understanding of animal management and control

Certificate of Compliance

Electric Fencing