What is the cost and duration of these courses?

Module 1-4, R 720.00 each (incl VAT)   One day each

Module 5, R4 880.00 incl VAT   Two days

What is the prerequisite for these courses?

Module 1, 2 and 4:
Must be able to read and write.

Module 3:
Must be able to read and write. Must have completed Module 2 with some knowledge of networking systems and practical installation experience as a major advantage.

Module 5:
Must be able to read and write. At least 2 years practical experience with trackable proof of 5 installed fences.
Must be familiar with the SANS 10222-3 Regulations and must have passed the pre-assessment test.

Are your courses only available in a classroom format?

Module 1 is also online self-study and virtual class
Module 2 is classroom only
Module 3 is classroom only
Module 4 is also online self-study and virtual class
Module 5 is also virtual class with the assessment part being booked with the trainer/assessor individually after completing a Portfolio of Evidence successfully

Is Nemtek an accredited training provider?

Our Module 5 (RPL) is an accredited programme and Nemtek has accreditation as a Skills Development Provider to facilitate, assess and moderate this programme under the EWSETA quality assurance process. Formal accreditation and certification is obtained on successful completion of this course. Modules 1 to 4 are product and industry specific to help you build your skills and improve business opportunities.

What is the assessment process for your courses?

Our view on assessments is that if you do not measure something, you should not even start it! Our assessments are fair, relevant and you will be given all the information you need to complete them. For Module 5 there is a Portfolio of Evidence required that needs to be compiled and submitted in order to be found competent by your assessor (together with your practical demonstration) and once your assessment has been moderated and externally verified by the EWSETA, and you can then apply for your Certificate of Competence (CoC) from the Department of Labour.

Who do I contact with other questions?

Please use the form on the website, send an enquiry to training2@nemtek.com or alternatively contact any of our branches directly.

What languages will the course be presented in?

Our courses are all presented in English.

Will transcripts of the course be available post session(s)?

You will receive an official Nemtek handout/manual and various resources for each Module.

Will there be any support after the completion of the course in the form of supplementary workshops?

This is our claim to fame! We are absolutely available to you for any support or additional information you may need. Save our number on speed dial!

What happens if I do not pass my assessment?

All of our assessments have a re-submission and re-assessment component as per our accreditation requirements. Your assessor will inform you in detail about how this works before your assessment. There is no fee for a second attempt.

Can I complete your courses if I live outside of South Africa?

Nemtek Academy is an equal opportunity Skills Development Provider and we provide our learning programmes globally with open access. All we need is a copy of your current legal  passport. The only thing to keep in mind is that our courses are facilitated and assessed in English. Our RPL Module requires you to complete and pass a pre-assessment in order to enter the Module and will require a practical demonstration that needs to be assessed. Our Module 5 programme has international comparability as set out by SAQA.

Will I receive a certificate or diploma upon completion?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Modules 1 to 4 and a formal a Statement of Results (SOR) and Certificate of Competence which allows you to apply for your COC from the Department of Labour for Module 5.

Is there a dress code for the classroom training sessions and is there anything I need to bring?

Dress comfortably and, if appropriate for the practical modules, please bring your relevant PPE with. Please remember your mask, bring a notepad and pen, and an open mind!

Is any pre-course preparation be required?

Any pre-course requirements will be emailed to you before the training starts, or can be downloaded when you enrol for an online module

Does Nemtek follow Covid Protocols during the classroom sessions?

Nemtek Academy follows the strict safety guidelines in terms of COVID and OHS. Our face-to-face training numbers are limited to ensure we meet the social distancing protocols of each of our venues.

Do you assist with travel booking and accommodation?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with your travel arrangements, although we can always give you advice based on our local knowledge of the area.

Do I need to declare any disabilities during the booking process?

Only if you are attending a classroom session or if your disability may hinder you in the assessment towards your Module 5 certification. It is advisable to let us know so that we can then ensure your welcome to our venue is seamless, or that your special needs are communicated to your assessor. We will then also be able to discuss possible methods of assessment with you if applicable. If you are completing the course online or virtually you can do so from the comfort of a location of your choice

Need more information about our training?

For queries relating to our courses, please phone or complete the form and we will contact you.

Phone: +27 (0) 11 462 1320