Module 5 – Cape Town Classroom – 11 June 2022


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The South African Occupational Health and Safety act of 1993, requires that any new electric fence installed will need a Certificate of Compliance (COC). In order to issue an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance, an installer needs to complete a registered EWSETA approved course which in turn will qualify the installer to be able to issue a COC. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is an assessment that takes all of your past and current experience and learning into account. The RPL assessment process offered by the Nemtek Training Academy will allow a candidate to prove competency through a portfolio of evidence (POE) and a practical assessment is performed in front of a certified EWSETA assessor.

The process begins with a pre-assessment to ensure you are a suitable RPL candidate. This is followed by a 1-day workshop (Virtual or Face-to-Face) that takes you through the theory, the Act and how to compile your portfolio of evidence. Once your POE has been assessed you will be assessed with a practical demonstration.


If found competent through the RPL process, the candidate will be recognized as a certified electric fence installer with the Department of Labour (DOL) and able to issue a compliance certificate (COC).